To Sign or Not To Sign - Protect Women and Children

To Sign or Not to Sign: Protect Women and Children—Constitutional Amendment

VIP recently became aware of an abortion petition that counters the proposed constitutional amendment “Protect the Right to Abortion” (PRA) amendment discussed in March’s blog. The new amendment is part of a campaign begun by the organization Protect Women & Children Initiative, a group of medical professionals.  It is titled “Protect Women and Children” (PWC). The "Protect Women & Children Initiative” states the following:

Article One of the Nebraska Constitution shall be amended by adding a new section 31 that states as follows: “Except when a woman seeks …

Primary 2024 Results - Mostly Official

from Nebraska Secretary of State:  (including Voter turnout by County, 27% statewide)

from Douglas County, The election will be official on Friday, May 31, 2024....

  • Douglas County …

Voting in Nebraska - Primary 2024

Voting in Nebraska – Primary 2024

The first step to voting in Nebraska is to register with your County Election Commission/Clerk.  There are several ways you can do this:  on-line, by mail, at the DMV, or at the election office.  Check your county’s website to find the nearest location for you. A partial listing of counties is listed below.  If you register anywhere other than the Election Office, the deadline is Friday, April 29.   At the election office, the deadline is Friday, May 3.  You will need a photo ID to register.  If your religion doesn’t allow you …

To Sign or Not to Sign - Abortion

To Sign or not to Sign: Protect the Right to Abortion – Constitutional Initiative 

Abortion. To some, it’s a necessary tragedy. To some, it’s the taking of a life and the wounding of another. And to some, it’s a foundational right to freedom and autonomy.  

Perhaps no other issue highlights the needs of families in a way that touches lives so intimately. Perhaps no other issue divides passionate, compassionate people so drastically. How can we support women experiencing unwanted pregnancies and the men who care about them? How can we ensure that every child is wanted? Despite the desire to …

To Sign or Not to Sign - EPIC Option

To Sign or Not to Sign: EPIC Option

Over the next few months, Nebraskans may be approached by petitioners asking for signatures in support of the following two Amendments to Nebraska’s Constitution:

1.     “A Constitutional Amendment to restrict governmental entities in Nebraska to imposing only retail consumption taxes and excise taxes. This amendment will eliminate Nebraska personal and real property taxes; personal and corporate income taxes; sales taxes and inheritance taxes.”

2.     “A Constitutional Amendment allowing the Legislature to authorize governmental entities to impose consumption taxes on services and new goods with the limitation that only grocery items purchased …

Bennington Schools Bond Proposal

See ballot issue to read actual wording of the proposal as it will appear on the ballot, as well as information about mail-in voting.

As its student population grows, Bennington Public Schools projects the need for increased capacity for their high school students. Bennington currently has one high school; however, accounting for growth in the lower grades, BPS projects that the high school will be approximately 200 students over capacity by the time current 5th graders reach 9th grade—assuming no major further community growth.

Last time, Bennington voters rejected a proposal to purchase bonds in the …

To Sign or Not to Sign - Marijuana

That is the Question

The right of Nebraska citizens to add issues to the ballot by petition is one that is embedded in the constitution, with historical precedent of over 100 years. While this is a common right across the United States, Nebraska’s unicameral again makes us unique in this area. In effect, the petition process grants voters the role of the “second house” of the legislature. And though this line is cliche, we should appreciate the responsibility that accompanies this power. Being an informed signer (or non-signer) is of similar importance to being an informed voter.

In this election cycle, there are eight …

Plattsmouth School Board Member Recall Election

Deliver to county office or put in Dropbox by January 9th

Simplistically speaking, this Recall election demonstrates the clashing of worldviews.

#1)   Some people want children/adolescents free to investigate sexuality, including wondering about being different from their birth assignment.  They may think the culture already exposes adolescents to sexuality issues at young ages and schools could serve as a place to correct misunderstandings from culture. They want to listen to educational professionals trained in the universities.  Stereotypically speaking, these people support the Recall.

#2)   Other people want children/adolescents protected from sexual exposure at too young an age. Believing parents have a greater vested interest in their own children, they …

Speaker of the Legislature


In last month’s article, we explored the role of United States speaker of the House. The corresponding newsletter promised that we would bring it to a more local level in November. To help make good on that promise, VIP interviewed Nebraska’s speaker of the Legislature, Senator John Arch. We covered a few different topics in our interview, but the main focus was, “What makes the Nebraska State Legislature and, more specifically, what makes the role of speaker distinct from other states?” And that will be the emphasis of our November article.  

While the operation of each state government differs slightly, …

Importance of House Leadership

Speaker of the House is a very familiar title to Americans. Being that the position is the third highest-ranking in the country, the names of past speakers are almost as easy to recall as the Presidents that they served with. And with the unprecedented removal of Kevin McCarthy from the position of House Speaker, there has been more attention on the seat than ever. But it might be helpful to take a look at the responsibilities of the Speaker to understand why the position is so important.

Electing a Speaker
Electing a new Speaker is the first order of business …