Get Involved Today

While there are many volunteers that help, some wear many hats just to get the job done. Below we've described some of the tasks that must be completed but that doesn't mean that a volunteer is limited to just one duty! Contact Kathy to volunteer.

Basically there are three categories in how Voters Information Packet works, and in each category there are a variety of kinds of people needed to make it happen.

Behind the scenes

These silent partners help in ways that are not necessarily involved in the day-to-day operations of These hands-off individuals pray for candidates and Voter Information, or donate toward the expenses. Some help with all of these areas.

  1. Prayer Warriors and Coordinator
    1. Pray for candidates
    2. Pray for volunteers
    3. Pray for Voter Information needs
  2. Donations Manager
    1. Funds
    2. Services
    3. Expertise

Research and Interviews

Most of the time and energy consumed by goes into researching issues and interviewing candidates. Volunteers need to be recruited, contact information collected, issues analyzed, candidates interviewed, and then it all has to be brought together and published online.

  1. Volunteer Recruiters
    1. Advertises available volunteering opportunities
    2. Actively seeks and fills volunteering positions
    3. Looks for ways to open new counties
  2. Candidate Information Manager
    1. Researches candidates running for office
    2. Collects candidate history
    3. Collects candidate responses
    4. Maintains candidate contact information
  3. Candidate Callers
    1. Calls candidates to inform of the opportunity to respond online
    2. Emails and maintains contact with candidate to ensure responses
    3. Reports responses to Candidate Information Manager
  4. Issues Researchers and Writers
    1. Researches and analyzes current issues
    2. Provides summaries of legal-language ballot questions
  5. Judge Opinion Researchers and Interviewers
    1. Researches judges and judging history
    2. Interviews lawyers, police officers, and others that may work with or near judges
  6. Website Manager
    1. Maintains website updates
    2. Publishes candidate responses
    3. Coordinates issues information
    4. Publishes judge opinion givers information
  7. Question Developers
    1. Develop questionnaires for candidates
    2. Overlaps with researching issue

Publishing and Advertisings

The purpose of is to provide an information resource that voters may use to make an informed decision when they vote. Getting the word out encourages candidate responses, serves our community, and our future.

  1. Print Version Distributor
    1. Organizes the distribution of print copies to libraries, churches, and other community center
  2. Public Relations Manager
    1. Recruits flyer distributors
    2. Manages existing and generates new advertising contacts
    3. Coordinates advertising in churches, libraries, and community centers
    4. Coordinates advertising via radio, print, and internet
    5. Coordinates yard sign distribution
  3. Creative thinkers and artists