About Us

Mission Statement:

 Voter Information Project exists to provide information for local voters from a non-partisan viewpoint:
     Candidates' views and values in their own words;
     Pros and cons on ballot issues;
     Information from professionals on judges. 

Over the years, Voter Information Project has morphed in name and activity, but not in purpose. In short, we want voters to make informed decisions. Believing “personal principles push political policies," we have sought to learn from a candidate, not just his/her political views, but WHO he/she is as a person. Why someone holds a particular view gives better information about how they will approach issues no one knew to ask about. We simply report the responses they give us, no editing (unless you count spelling), no endorsing, just reporting.

However, more than candidates appear on a ballot. “If it’s on the ballot, we cover it” has been our motto. Ballot issues typically are written in “legalese” which we attempt to translate into English. By calling those in favor and those against, we provide the “history” behind the issue and provide the pros and cons on the topic.

Our third area of focus is on judges. Typically, average law-abiding citizens have no reason to see a judge. By interviewing, anonymously, lawyers, law enforcement personnel, and other professionals who observe the judges at work, we provide voters with a variety of inputs.

Our project is non-partisan, totally volunteer, and non-profit.  Our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status was awarded in November 2013, after 17 months of waiting. 

What began in 1992 as a “voters guide” only serving a small part of Sarpy County and some of Douglas, gradually grew as more volunteers joined in. 1998 saw our first web appearance. We never intended to do any “guiding” only informing so the name was changed to Voters Information Packet.  In 2011, the Nebraska Secretary of State gave a "Civics Recognition Award" to our executive director.  In 2012, the change was made to Voter Information Project, since “packet” related to the stack of papers it takes to report all those candidate responses, issues write-ups, and judge information.  We still produce the paper copies, but only on demand.