What giving did for the 2020 elections:

2020 brought a new homepage.  The system was working but was not as user friendly as it could have been.  Donors came to our rescue and provided the funds to give you the experience you have today when using our site.

2020 also brought job descriptions for several of the offices on the ballot.  Knowing what the position entails helps you, the voter, determine whether a candidate has the necessary experience/skills to perform the job.

As a help to the candidates themselves, 2020 saw the ability of the candidates to print and keep a copy of their questionnaire responses.

What giving did for the 2016 elections:

In 2016, we were able to improve our website to personalize your experience.  By inputting your information, you could see exactly which races, issues, and judges would be on your ballot.

2016 also saw the system improved to show some information on all judges across the state.  Targeted counties typically have more information available from local attorneys and law enforcement.

VIP targets “active” counties with enough volunteers, but the system is opened to any candidate that wants to participate.

General 2022 Results

moving toward official

All official results are not expected to be complete until early December.  In the meantime, here are links to some official and some unofficial results:

State: from Nebraska Secretary of State


Target Counties - with notes of school districts that cross county lines...

Cass County (See Conestoga, Elmwood-Murdock, Louisville, Nebraska City and Syracuse/Dunbar/Avoca Schools below)

Dodge County (See Arlington, Logan …

FUN = FollowUp Nudging

If a candidate you would like to hear from has not yet answered, try a FUN (Follow Up Nudging) connection.

You can text or leave a phone message or put a message on Facebook or the candidate's website.  Try saying something like,

"My name is xxx xxxxx.  Your name will be on my ballot.  I like to use to help with my voting.  Would you please provide your responses?  I understand 198,000 other users have accessed this site over the years."

or maybe:

"Hi, my name is xxx xxxxx.  Your name will …

Primary 2022 Results

       Note:  For one-third of the state, there's another election on June 28, 2022!  The Congressional District 1 election will determine who replaces Jeff Fortenberry through the end of the year.

- RESULTS, mostly Official

For STATE-LEVEL Races which includes:

Federal Offices:  Congress; State Offices:  Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Attorney General, Auditor of Public Accounts; Legislature; Public Service Commission; State Board of Education; Board of Regents; Community College; Learning Community; Natural Resources District; Metopolitan Utilties District, Public Power District

Several School Districts cross county lines so results noted in one county may not report who the top vote getters …

Website is "Alive"

Available for candidates

“Available” means the candidates can now enter their responses to our challenging questions.  There are 901 candidates for the various races included here!  About 30% of the candidates are running  unopposed.  However, several of the school board races that typically have 3 positions have MANY opponents.  Bennington School District has 12 candidates; Bellevue 8; Papillion La Vista 8; Elkhorn 10; Blair 9, Gretna 10; etc. etc.


Our main focus is on 7 counties with an 8th one in process - Douglas, Sarpy, Cass, Lancaster, Washington, Seward, Dodge, and Buffalo counties.  For those counties we have included candidates for every race …

Maybe pictures of the future

including opportunities to serve

It was our intent to leave up all the 2020 and 2021 responses so voters and candidates could have an idea of what would likely be included in the information provided for the 2022 elections.

HOWEVER, a yet unexplained computer glitch removed responses received during the General 2020 election, but left the ones gathered during the 2020 Primary. If you type in your name and birthdate to get your personalized list of races, you may discover races missing.  In many cases we did have answers submitted by the candidates so we apologize to them especially because asking for those races …

Election Results - 2021 Omaha


Omaha, May 11, 2021

Omaha Mayor: 

     Jean Stothert

Omaha City Council - 

     District 1:  Pete Festersen

     District 2:  Juanita Johnson

     District 3:  Danny Begley

     District 4:  Vinny Palermo

     District 5:  Dan Rowe

     District 6:  Brinker Harding

     District 7:  Aimee Melton

Douglas County West Schools

     - bond passed

Write to a candidate - Cities General 2021

Ask or Thank

If the candidates on your ballot have not answered the questionnaire for Voter Information Project (, please use the Facebook page and/or Website lists to ask them to.  If they hear from many voters, they will more likely see the importance of answering.

If the candidates on your ballot have answered - a thank you on their Facebook page would be great encouragement.

By Race:

Lincoln Airport Authority


Nicki Behmer

Jason Krueger


John Olsson

Tracy Refior


Lincoln City Council - At Large


Tom Beckius

Eric Burling


Roy Christensen

Mary …