Party Platform Comparison - Part 4

Healthcare and Abortion


    Party Platform Comparison Part 4: Healthcare and Abortion
    It comes as no surprise to see that these are two more issues on which there is a wide gap between the different platforms. The different parties have, for the most part, diametrically opposed views on healthcare and abortion. In this article we will compare the views to give you a better understanding of where our political candidates stand.


    The Nebraska Democratic position on healthcare is based on their position that “access to affordable, quality health care is a right for all.” Some of their main goals are to expand our healthcare system to “Medicare for All,” and “make it easier on families to afford high-quality insurance…”. (pp 20-21)

    Nebraska Democrats …
    ● Believe that cost and pre-existing health conditions should not prevent anyone from receiving life-saving care and medical supplies (pg 21)
    ● Believe there is a need for more health clinics in rural areas (pg 21)
    ● Support continuing Title X funding for “federally qualified health centers” and other entities that currently receive it (pg 21)
    ● Are in support of expanding Medicaid in Nebraska and fully funding the Children Health Information Program (CHIP) (pg 21)
    ● Support access to doctor-prescribed medical cannabis for Nebraskans (pg 21)
    ● Support the use of stem cell research and stem cell therapy for treatment, and support public and private funding for such research (pg 21)
    ● Believe that drug addiction is a public health crisis (pg 21)
    ● Support “rehabilitation and destigmatization” for those struggling with drug addiction
    ● Call for increased funding for drug addiction treatment (pg 21)



    As in most other areas, the Republican party favors a free market approach to healthcare. They are in opposition to “any attempt to socialize or nationalize the American healthcare system,” and they support measures like health savings accounts to give citizens more control over their healthcare. They also favor a tax policy that “enhances the ability of individuals to purchase the healthcare of their choice.” (pg 10)

    Nebraska Republicans …
    ● Believe that citizens should have access to “necessary, quality and affordable health care” (pg 10)
    ● Support repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) with“market-based solutions” (pg 10)
    ● Support legislation that allows for 100 percent deductibles for individuals who pay their own health insurance (pg 10)

    As in virtually all other areas, Nebraska Libertarians are pro-free market when it comes to healthcare. Their position is based on the belief that everyone should be able to choose the kinds of insurance, care, providers, and products they use, as well as “all other aspects of their medical care, including end-of-life decisions” being up to the individual. They believe that the government should not restrict the availability of medical facilities, providers, and products.(Sec. 2.13)


    Legal Marijuana Now
    The official platform of the Legal Marijuana Now party is the U.S. Bill of Rights. They have not stated an official opinion on this issue.


    Democrats in Nebraska believe that “reproductive rights” (based on the definition in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights) are a “basic human right.” They believe women have the right to use contraceptives, get an abortion, receive “accurate and age-appropriate sex education in public schools,” and have access to reproductive health services.

    Nebraska Democrats …
    ● Are in opposition to any laws that would “impede a woman's … constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion”
    ● Believe that access to abortion is “critical”

    Republicans believe that abortion and contraceptive services should not be funded by tax dollars. They also oppose officials in public schools making referrals to such services. Their belief is that those decisions belong to the family.

    Nebraska Republicans …
    ● Oppose the government funding family planning programs that “provide abortions or abortion referrals”
    ● Believe that abortion clinics should be subject to the same regulations as other “healthcare facilities”

    The Nebraska Libertarian Party platform does not state an official opinion on this issue.

    Legal Marijuana Now
    The official platform of the Legal Marijuana Now party is the U.S. Bill of Rights. They have not stated an official opinion on this issue.

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