Website is "Alive"

Available for candidates

    “Available” means the candidates can now enter their responses to our challenging questions.  There are 901 candidates for the various races included here!  About 30% of the candidates are running  unopposed.  However, several of the school board races that typically have 3 positions have MANY opponents.  Bennington School District has 12 candidates; Bellevue 8; Papillion La Vista 8; Elkhorn 10; Blair 9, Gretna 10; etc. etc.


    Our main focus is on 7 counties with an 8th one in process - Douglas, Sarpy, Cass, Lancaster, Washington, Seward, Dodge, and Buffalo counties.  For those counties we have included candidates for every race on the ballot.  While we're waiting for candidates to provide their responses, you can access their questions. If by March 25th a candidate you want to hear from hasn't answered, maybe you could do some “Follow-Up Nudging” - be a FUN caller!


    In our long delay to get the site live, we have been pre-connecting with candidates and some have already provided their responses.   These will take a little time to upload since they came in pdf/word/partially handwritten form instead of directly onto the website.


    So – please be patient!  We will gladly accept help.