Maybe pictures of the future

including opportunities to serve

    It was our intent to leave up all the 2020 and 2021 responses so voters and candidates could have an idea of what would likely be included in the information provided for the 2022 elections.

    HOWEVER, a yet unexplained computer glitch removed responses received during the General 2020 election, but left the ones gathered during the 2020 Primary. If you type in your name and birthdate to get your personalized list of races, you may discover races missing.  In many cases we did have answers submitted by the candidates so we apologize to them especially because asking for those races with SEARCH will bring up a statement like this:

    Page not found (404)

    Request Method:


    Request URL:

    Raised by:


    No Race matches the given query.

    There is some good news!  We were able to replace some of the missing information concerning the judges so you can view how we provide that information for the General Election.

    The site also continues to list two other important categories – Unopposed and Need Extra Workers (NEW).  The large supply of Unopposed races reveals there are many opportunities for you to serve in office.  The Need Extra Workers races also reveal another potential opportunity for you to serve, which is by being a NEW candidate connector in your county.  Email if you would like to help.