Is this Info Required?

Is providing name and birthdate required to access the information?

The name and birthdate are requested in our “main” search form as an option that allows us to locate your exact ballot listings from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s database. Your information is used only to match you to your record. We’ve included our Privacy Notice at the end of this answer.

For those who prefer not to enter their birthdate, we offer the option to search by county or candidate on our Search page. While you won’t benefit from seeing only your own races, you can look that up yourself on the VoterCheck website. In the Registration Information section, enter your information. The page that appears shows your polling place, and in the bottom right, you can click “Show” to see your districts. Note: the Voter Check site lists ALL your subdivisions, not just the ones “up” for this election. It does not list what they consider obvious statewide, countywide, and citywide races (e.g., US Senator, County Public Defender, etc.).

Some may be curious why other data isn’t used in place of the birth date. The reason is it wouldn’t be as reliable. For example, it wouldn’t be as easy to enter your street address in a way that results in an exact match, since there’s so much variation in how people enter street names and abbreviations. Overcoming those limitations is currently cost prohibitive for a site that seeks to remain free to all users and is volunteer-driven.

Privacy Notice: Your information is never shared with a third party. We only use this information to ensure an exact match with the Nebraska Secretary of State’s voter registration records, allowing us to accurately reflect your ballot.