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What giving did for the 2020 elections:

- created a new homepage, tying in to all internal pages.

- set up being able to view job descriptions

- allowed candidates to keep a copy of their answers


What giving did for the 2016 elections:

        - completely personalized for each user

        - available for ANY candidate in Nebraska to provide his/her responses - answering either directly online or by email to a volunteer who first contacted him/her.

        - more complete information on the judges across the state.

        - continued researched information on ballot issues.

 Donation News

We are dependent on donations to provide this service. Our totally volunteer team means donations go almost entirely for paying for this greatly improved website.  Even half of the yard signs were donated!  Office expenses are very minimal since we contact candidates by phone and email, and we ask for people to pay for print copies.  Ongoing expenses include paying for hosting of the website, maintaining connection with the voter registration information, mailing reminder postcards to people for whom we have no email address, and when possible other marketing attempts.




Currently serving



Availability to serve the entire state rests only on adequate funding and volunteers.  Email us to apply to be a volunteer.