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How You Can Help

Isn't this resource free? Yes, but like most "free" things, someone pays for others to have it free. Perhaps you would like to be one of those people who help the resource be free for someone else.

Voter Information Project (VIP) runs totally on volunteer labor and donations. We have no funding from special interest groups, We have carefully pursued grant opportunities from a variety of sources in order to remain neutral.

Please use the button below to donate toward's expenses.  The IRS  501(c)(3) status has been applied for (4 months ago at this writing 10/8/12) in the old name Voters Information Packet.  An opportunity does still exist, though, for tax-exemption – email for that information.

Your donation will be used exclusively for operating expenses; however your donation through PayPal is not yet tax-deductible.

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Normal Expenses

Because of mostly using phone and computer, and keeping mailings to a minimum, the project has run on very little for many years. That has also limited the exposure of the project to trusting word-of-mouth kind of networking with no major "marketing".

If it's all volunteer, what are the expenses?  No one receives salaries, so most expenses center in the office supply type.

  1. Website Expenses
    1. Quarterly Fee for hosting
    2. Yearly Fee for Information databases
    3. As needed - web support
  2. Postage expenses
    1. Postage for candidates mailings
    2. Postage for announcement postcards
  3.  Printing expenses
    1. Printing packets that are donated to libraries
    2. Printing packets that are donated to callers
    3. Printing of announcement flyers
    4. Production of yard signs
    5. Other marketing expenses

Special Expenses

The former website was developed in 1998, also by a couple of volunteers - both of whom have moved out of state. One of them now does website development as his business, known as 5Q Communications. His team has put together this new development that allows:

  1. Voters can now access the races they will vote on from the home page and not have to dig through the entire county list.
  2. Candidates can now answer questions directly on the website and not have to email responses – saving hours of copy and paste!
  3. Judge-opinion givers can provide input without having to be “interviewed”
  4. Candidates who have not yet been contacted by volunteers, can contact the website on their own and be included – opening the possibility of many more counties being represented
  5. The technology has been designed to open the possibility of other states being able to join in the uniqueness of learning about EVERY thing on the ballot.


Current Estimate for the upgrade of the website is $25,000

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