Papillion La Vista Schools Bond

The Wording



"Shall Sarpy County School District 0027 (Papillion La Vista
Community Schools), in the State of Nebraska, issue the Bonds of said District in the principal amount not to exceed One Hundred
Twenty-Nine Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars ($129,900,000) for the purpose of paying the costs of:
- improvements to safety and security for all schools including the construction, acquisition and installation,
- constructing additions, improvements, repairs and renovations to existing schools and program facilities,
- updating and enlarging older existing classrooms, bringing them
to a current standard,
- constructing a new elementary school to serve projected enrollment growth,
- constructing a new facility for the Young Adult Transition Program that serves students with disabilities,
- providing furniture, equipment and technology for such schools and program facilities, and
- acquisition and preparation of land sites for future schools and program facilities;

said bonds to be issued in one or more series, at such time or times as may be determined by the Board of Education, to bear interest at such
rate or rates as may be determined by the Board of Education and to become due at such time or times as may be fixed by the Board of
Education; and

Shall the School District cause to be levied and collected annually a special levy of taxes against all the taxable property in the School
District sufficient in rate and amount to pay the interest on and principal of said Bonds as the same become due?"

(  )  FOR said bonds and tax
(  )  AGAINST said bonds and tax


Our Explanation

The system was established some years ago to attempt to only ask for a new bond when an old one is being retired.   The growth in the district creates new revenue as well as increased property valuations means the current tax rate can be maintained. If the bond were to not pass, taxes would go down.

The 2018 bond focused more on the middle and high school level.  The main focus of the bond this time is on the elementary schools where the most growth is expected.  Some 300 students were removed from the enrollment status during the Pandemic.  Some of those students have returned, but the decrease in enrollment did change the timing of the need for new spaces. 

Each of the elementary schools are slated to get cosmetic upgrades to all their interior spaces. Some are slated to have offices changed into special ed service areas and establish a new front office tied to security systems so anyone entering the building goes through the office.  Counsel­ing  offices/rooms and flexible space rooms are scheduled to be added as well. Much of the bond is designed to pay for the construction of a new elementary school and to purchasing land for the next needed elementary and middle schools.

A new project involves special needs young adults up through age 21. This is called the Young Adult Transition Program.  Its planned new building location is close to the recently built Middle School.

Other upgrades include improvements on the baseball field that currently has a drainage issue.  The auditorium and associated backstage space needs are to be addressed.  Many items fit in the general statement:  - constructing additions, improvements, repairs and renovations to existing schools and program facilities,

Those who oppose the bond like the idea of taxes going down, they question the value of a “counseling” facility that may or may not align with parental values.  Others are concerned about “keeping up” with the latest educational fad that may fade.                                                                                                                                                     

Those who support the bond are delighted with all the improvements that should help Papillion LaVista maintain its reputation of being a source for a quality education.

There is no in-person voting.  Voters must sign the back of their return envelope in order for the ballot to be counted.  Ballots have been mailed to all residents and the ballots must be mailed in time (allow 3-4 days), or turned in to the Sarpy County Election office (1102 E. 1st Street ) or designated drop boxes -La Vista Police Department (7701 S. 96th Street), Near Sarpy County Courthouse, on the north side of Golden Gate Drive (1248 Golden Gate Drive), Sarpy County Election Office (1102 E. 1st Street)

A “yes” vote will obligate the property owners to continue paying current taxes to pay for the $129.9 million of projects.

A “no” vote would mean a temporary decrease in taxes until the request is made again.


Note:  Even after several phone messages, we were unable to connect with the district to answer more detailed questions.  The School District website ( though does contain a great deal of information which we attempted to summarize here.